Janina Larenas, Student Services Advisor II

When I joined the UCSC workforce back in November of 2017, I was incredibly excited to finally have a job with union representation, only to learn that advising positions are "policy covered" employees and one of the last classifications that are not union-represented. Union representation has become increasingly important to me over the last three years as I've grown into my position, become close with department colleagues, and built a trusting relationship with my department manager as a mentor.

I have been devastated to learn that the only way for SSPs to advance is by applying for new employment every 3 years and to hope for a retention increase, especially as I am currently working on programming that will take a minimum of 5 years to complete. It is my strong belief that union representation will help us negotiate terms of employment that can address the major issues we face as advisors and student services professionals (SSPs), including retention, pathways to advancement, as well as cost of living increases, guarantees for healthcare and mental health services, and structures to support downtime and breaks during the working day without giving up flexibility.

I urge you to join me in asking for union representation with UPTE, and to get involved in this campaign to assure our success!!

- Janina Larenas, Student Services Advisor II